Do any of you mamas (or anyone trying to adult 😂) remember what sleep is? Not just the few hours here and there – I’m talking the worry-free, full-night, uninterrupted kind of sleep! 😴😴😴 Anyone? Anyone know what I am talking about??


No? Ugh, me either. This mama needs a little boost in the mornings (and sometimes mid-morning, afternoons, early evening 😆😆!) And honestly, sometimes making a pot of coffee in the morning just doesn’t have a spot on my to-do list! I need an instant jolt of energy, something to get me going with my day so I’m not a TOTAL mombie in the preschool parking lot 🧟‍♀️  <— does this emoji look like a girl zombie? It looks weird on my computer but I’m just going to roll with it.)

And that is why I have been loving V8+ENERGY Drinks! 1 can has 80 mg of caffeine, which is comparable to an 8 oz. cup of brewed coffee. V8+ENERGY uses green tea as the caffeine source so the energy you get from these is lasting! Each can is 1 full serving of fruit & veggies and there are no added sugars.


They have a wide variety of flavors as well as diet and sparkling versions of the energy drink. You can view the whole selection here: V8+ENERGY

I was lucky enough to test 4: Peach Mango, Orange Pineapple, Pomegranate Blueberry, and Tropical Green.

Peach Mango: So this one I knew I loved because I have been drinking it for a while! Haha it has a subtle and sweet flavor. I pop the multi-pack in the fridge while unpacking the groceries so I can enjoy them all week long. *Which reminds me to tell you guys that I definitely recommend drinking these cold or over ice!* This is the flavor that I have always purchased. I’m the type of shopper that finds something I like and I never change it. Haha, some people call that being loyal while some people call it picky. WHATEVER! I like what I like 🤷‍♀️! So I highly recommend this flavor! 

Tropical Green: To be honest, this was the flavor I was least excited to try…I am like a child when it comes to trying new things (even though I’m constantly encouraging my boys to try new things, so maybe I should take my own advice?!)! I have this weird idea in my head that anything green is going to taste like grass 🤣🤣🤣 In the words of Chrissy Teigen, “goodbye new followers!” But seriously it’s like this mind over matter thing I’ve got to figure out. But you’ll be happy to know this flavor was DELISH! Absolutely will buy it at the store next time to mix up with my Peach Mango! Super yummy. I actually ended up finishing this can after I taste tested them! 

Pomegranate Blueberry: We got through blueberries in our house like you would not believe. Like the giant container at Costco is gone halfway through the week! So I 100% thought this flavor was going to be my JAM. But I gotta be honest, the flavor was TART and STRONG. Definitely a BOLD flavor. I did a LIVE video tasting these in my Facebook community (Momchella: A Mommy Lifestyle Blog —> come join us there!) and my eyes started watering a little from how tart the flavor was! Haha, it’s not that it tasted bad I just wasn’t prepared for how strong of flavor this would be and I’m not sure I could regularly drink this flavor. 

Orange Pineapple: This flavor was good! Definitely more my style. Had a similar subtle flavor to the Peach Mango and Tropical Green, which is what I like. I have to say if Kroger was ever out of the Peach Mango I would probably pick this one up in its place! 

Overall, I love these V8+ENERGY drinks. They are a quick grab & go energy source that busy mamas will appreciate! Be sure to pick up your multi-pack at Kroger this week! They are on sale there! A 6 pack is usually $4.99 but right now they are $3.99!



XO – Megan 

^ please read the XO in the Gossip Girl voice!


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