Pampers. All day. Every day.

There are many overwhelming things when it comes to being a parent. It starts even before those precious little nuggets are here!👶 Did I have enough pre-natal care? Do I have the right birth plan figured out? Am I going to breastfeed or bottle-feed? Will I swaddle my baby? Co-sleep? Stay-at-home or go to work? AH!!!!! Seriously you can drive yourself NUTSO with the questions. 😖 Yes, I said nutso. Yes, it is a word….at least to me. 🤷‍♀️

So it should come as no surprise that there are also choices upon choices piled on top with questions when it comes to diapers. When we had our first son I knew that the disposable diapers were going to be the ones for us (if you use cloth diapers, you go girl! You do you when it comes to being a mama!). The hospital used Pampers Swaddlers on our baby and that is what we started buying from the get-go. I liked the comfort of having the blue line to let me know when the diaper was wet when our son was brand new. It helped give me peace of mind knowing he was getting enough milk! I kept my oldest in Pampers Swaddlers all the way through until he was out of diapers!

We continued with Pampers Swaddlers when our second baby boy came along! Loyal customer, right?! 😂😂 When our second son was 3 or 4 months old I started hearing about a Pampers Pure line. It promised to offer the same protection as the Pampers Swaddlers (because seriously those bad boys do NOT leak!) but they would be free of any chlorine bleach, fragrances, parabens and latex. As a parent you want what is best for your baby and these were claiming to be THE BEST, and clinically proven to be better for your baby’s sensitive skin.

I was always curious about these diapers and finally, at a year and some change old 🙃, I got to try them out on B-Boy! I decided to do a little experiment between my trusty Pampers Swaddlers and the new Pampers Pure line. So for 3 days I kept B-Boy in the Pampers Swaddlers and it was business as usual…haha. He SOAKS diapers up but we rarely, if ever, have had any leaky diapers with the Swaddlers 😜. I was excited to try to Pampers Pure out and was happy to discover the same fit as the Swaddlers. The biggest difference was the super cute all over print that the Pure collection has! It seems similar to what the brand Honest does on their diapers! But I have to say…about 20 minutes into the first Pampers Pure diaper I smelled pee. At first I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from because my first son is super Type-A and has never had an accident 😂. I could not figure out where the smell was coming from, but it was for sure PEE.

Then I was B-Boy! Haha the diaper did not leak but the lack of fragrance (because the Swaddlers do have a nice fresh scent to them) did not disguise the smell of pee AT ALL. So I changed him much sooner than I normally would have because, I mean, he was stinky! And it was the same thing with the next diaper. Maybe it is something that you have to get used to when you make the choice to go the all natural route when it comes to diapers but I just don’t think it could work for me. I found myself doing more frequent diaper changes (like I said, B-Boy soaks up a diaper 🤣). But I couldn’t justify spending more on a pack of diapers and going through them faster.

Here is the price comparison at Target. I could’ve looked at other stores too but let’s face it…I usually end up at Target for diapers (and other things that fall into my cart) 😂😆!

For a jumbo pack of the Pampers Swaddlers (in a size 4 like B-Boy)  it is $8.99 for 22 diapers. Swaddler


For a jumbo pack of the Pampers Pure (also a size 4) it is $11.99 for 23 diapers.


I totally get the appeal of wanting the most natural, chemical free product for your baby. I really do. But I also don’t want him to smell like pee 🤷‍♀️. I couldn’t bring myself to spend more on diapers, because let’s face it they are expensive enough right?!, that I was going to go through faster and that I wasn’t thrilled with. For me, what is best for your baby is sometimes what works best for you and your family. And for us, that is sticking with the Pampers Swaddlers!


XOXO – Megan 


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