You guys. I am so excited to talk about one of my all time favorite things 😍! Wahoooo!

KEEP Collective is this amazing line of jewelry where everything can be made completely personal and customized. There are about 1,258,456 (according to my math) things you can find and create with KEEP. From engravable items, leather bracelets, necklaces, and charms of all shapes, sizes, and colors (including DISNEY ❤) this is seriously one of the coolest companies out there.

Plus you get to connect with amazing KEEP Designers – people who are passionate about helping you find that perfect piece that tells YOUR story. I’m lucky enough to get to work with a real-life Barbie doll, Michelle! She is an amazing mom to two boys, so creative and caring about who you are and what you need from KEEP! She is always spot on with her designs and suggestions while helping you shop. She’s the reaaaal MVP 👏.Michelle

KEEP is such a fun way to express who you are. It is easily changeable so you can create a new look everyday. Plus, a lot of the bracelets are reversible to 2 different colors so you are getting 2 bracelets in 1 🙌🙌🙌. Here are some of my favorite combos from my personal KEEP collection:

In the top left picture I am wearing a double wrap KEEP bracelet that has an engraving from my FAVE Maroon 5 song (“Leaving California” – look it up, it’s very dramatic but totally worth it 😎.) The bracelet can also be reversed to a plain black side.I also have my C & B charms for my boys, of course 💕.

One of my favorite, more recent purchases is the bracelet at the top of that stack – Lava beads in the Howlite/Silver combo! A few drops of your favorite essential oil in those lava beads is the best way to start the day!

I just love how there are so many combos and ways to wear KEEP. Here are a few more that Michelle has shared:

Can we please talk about that gold engravable on the left that says, “not today satan”🤣.

KEEP is such an awesome thing to add to your life and it also makes a great present to others! My brother, sister and I all got one for our Mom last year for Christmas and she loves it! Plus we can always get her new charms to add so it makes gifting easy.

I am so excited to share KEEP on Momchella that I have an exclusive link you can check it alllll out at: KEEP Collective

If you love it and make a purchase using that specific link above you could win FREE KEEP! I am so excited to share this brand with you guys. It is SO much fun!

Happy Shopping!

XOXO- Megan

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